Get to know our athletes: Rebecca

Get to know our athletes: Rebecca

In the 'get to know our athletes' series our Crossmaxx® athletes and ambassadors tell you all about how they got into crossfit/weightlifting, what their goals are and they share tips and tricks! In this blog Crossmaxx® athlete Rebecca answers our questions.


My name is Rebecca, I am a weightlifting athlete in the Netherlands and I mostly train in Rotterdam and with my coach Frank at MLAB in Utrecht."

How did you come into contact with crossfit and what made you decide to start?
"I got into weightlifting because of crossfit. I was a crossfit athlete, but I soon realized that I like all the strength and weightlifting parts a lot more than the burpees, wall balls etc. Those where really not my thing. So I decided to give weightlifting a chance and started following a strength/weightlifting program. This resulted in a massive growth in my PR’s and an instant love for the sport. I decided to start competing and since then I never stopped!"

How did you get to know Lifemaxx / Crossmaxx®? 
"I got to know Lifemaxx about a year ago (2019) when I was invited for a photoshoot for their catalogue. I met the team and we got along great. A few weeks later they asked me if I wanted to join their athlete team and of course I said ‘YES!’"


What is your ultimate fitness dream / goal? 
"When it comes to weightlifting my goal for this year is to Snatch 80kg and to Clean and Jerk 100kg. I would really love to qualify for the European Championships, weight-class -64 this year."


What is your favorite exercise and your least favorite exercise and why? 
"My favorite exercise is the Snatch, because it is a very technical lift so there is always room for improvement which makes it super interesting. My least favorite exercise is the Bulgarian Split Squat. I really don’t like doing those, but they are super valuable."


Do you have any tips / tricks for athletes?
"Keep on fighting, especially in these crazy times with Covid and the lockdown. It is not easy to train every day or a few times a week, but don’t give up. Keep on training! When it comes to weightlifting it often happens that after a while you reach a plateau and you no longer get new PR’s. In these moments you also just have to keep on pushing, keep on fighting because if you do, you break the plateau and get many new PR’s again."

Would you like to know more about Rebecca? Then follow her on Instagram.

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