How to use a macebell

How to use a macebell

Perhaps you have never heard of the macebell before. Don’t worry, you're not alone. These long metal "bars" covered with a weight ball don’t belong to the standard range of many gyms yet. Does that mean that they are new? No ... not to all. According to the internet (and if the internet says so, it’s true :P), the macebells where used thousands of years as a weapon and as a training tool. They were a favorite tool of ancient Hindu fighters. But how do you use a macebell these days? We are happy to help you out.


Unlike, for example, a kettlebell, the macebell has a very unbalanced weight distribution. After all, it's a long bar with a ball that has a specific weight on the top. The long rod has two purposes. First of all, you can easily change your grip position because of the surface. This allows you to easily change training protocols. If you move your hands further away from the weight ball, you can easily change a beginner's exercise into a more advanced movement. Secondly, the long rod ensures that the distance between your body and the heavy ball increases, making the macebell ideally suited for swinging, spinning and pushing exercises. With this, core strength and control is very important, making the macebell a great tool to develop a strong core.

Benefits of training with the macebell

When you include the macebell training in your regular routine, you can expect a number of important benefits.

1. Improved grip strength
Grip strength - a combination of hand, finger and forearm strength - is often overlooked in most fitness programs. That's crazy because grip strength is fundamental to everything you do. Due to the odd weight distribution of the macebell, you develop a strong grip. Repeating the swing motion causes you to increase grip strength considerably over the course of weeks and months.

2. Strong and healthy shoulders
The shoulders are the least stable joint throughout the body making it susceptible to injury. And anyone active in the sports world knowes that a shoulder injury ruins most of your schedule. Even basic movements like push ups, dips and pull ups become extremely difficult or even impossible with a shoulder injury.

With the right macebell technique you can easily increase the strength of the muscles and connective tissue in the shoulder joint. You will also improve the flexibility in your shoulder joint. Note that the key to this improvement lies in having a good technique. So don’t start swinging it around like an idiot, but ask for advince and guidance from someone who really knows everything about the right technique. Start with a light weight and slowly build it up.

3. Cardio
The macebell is also suitable for bringing the heart rate to a higher level. Combine swinging movements with, for example, squats or overhead lunges to create a HIIT.

4. Development of your core
Many macebell exercises address the entire core, the obliques in particular. These are especially reinforced because of the uneven distribution of the weight, meaning your core is constantly addressed. The result of regular training with the macebell is a well developed and strong core. This will also improve your other training exercises.

Conclusion; the macebell is a very valuable addition to your training. Make sure you have the right technique and have fun! Want to know more about our macebells, please feel free to contact us!


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