Improve your skills through an EMOM

Improve your skills through an EMOM

Are you stuck when it comes to improving skills such as the handstand walk or the toes to bar? Crossmaxx athlete Marion has a valuable tip for you how you can efficiently improve your skills!


Marion: "Sometimes it is difficult to be consistent with learning a new skill. In the beginning you are practicing and then you do not feel like it anymore or you just forget. For example, you want to learn to walk on your hands or get better in your toes to bar, but because there is no structure in practicing what you do, it usually dilutes.

Every minute on the minute
What really helps me a lot is using EMOMs to learn or practice a skill. EMOM stands for 'every minute on the minute'. This means that you do an x ​​number of repetitions every minute and when you have done this you wait until the next minute to do it again. You can do as many rounds as you want/need to.

An example of this is a 10 minute EMOM with 8 pull-ups. So you do 8 pull-ups every minute for 10 minutes, so a total of 80 pullups. Because you have one minute to do this, you can recover reasonably well in between and immediately focus on what you need to improve. It is best to start with too little and build from there.

Build it up slowly
I could walk on my hands a bit, but not good enough yet. I wanted to improve this and I held on to a 10 minute EMOM. I started very basic with 1 meter. I had to get 9 out of 10 turns at once to be able to add 0.5 meters the next time. Because you get 1 chance every minute, the pressure is also a bit higher, which usually has a positive effect on my performance. I did this 3 times a week in the beginning, because I only walk 10 meters in 10 minutes, which is not very much. But as the meters improved, I went to 1 or 2 times a week. Anyone can do this with any skill you want. Do you want to practice butterfly pullups? Start with 3 reps for 10 minutes and build up slowly. There are many more things you can use EMOMs with, but this is something I have really benefited from."

Do you want to know more about Marion? Then follow her on Instagram.

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