Six benefits of training outdoor

Six benefits of training outdoor

Your ceiling is too low, the neighbors are complaining about the noise and you do not have enough space for everything that you would actually like to offer. Moving to another building entails a lot of costs, time and hassle and you always run the risk of losing members. The solution? Crossmaxx® Outdoor! With Crossmaxx® Outdoor you can easily expand your current gym, offer completely new training sessions or even start a new gym/box! In addition, outdoor training has many advantages compared to training in a gym. With our Crossmaxx® Outdoor collection you have the following 6 benefits at your fingertips!

Enjoy the outdoors with Crossmaxx® Outdoor

1. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress

Studies have shown that outdoor training lowers blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, the same exercises feel less strenuous outside than inside. So your members can get even more out of their training!

2. It boosts your vitamin D

If you train outside, in the best case scenario you immediately grab a lot of sun rays. And we all know that sunshine provides the vitamin D that we all desperately need to live happily and energetically. Sunlight also improves energy generation in the muscles and the oxidation of the tissues. With these benefits you are guaranteed to attract new members!


3. Outdoor training helps with insomnia

When you train outside, you get fresh air that helps you fall asleep better and even improve your sleep quality. Offering outdoor training therefore brings many health benefits.


4. Break the routine

For many people, going to the same gym every day can get a bit boring at some point. With Crossmaxx® Outdoor you can offer completely new lessons in addition to your current lessons. For example, use tractor tires or atlas stones and create unique training sessions. Outdoor training makes your standard offer different, more effective and refreshing!


5. The wind resistance helps you to burn even more calories

Sometimes a strong wind blows outside and outdoor training is not immediately preferred. But did you know that this wind resistance causes you to burn even more calories during your training? You have to work harder to overcome the resistance. So you can now easily offer your members an extra option to achieve that tight body.


6. You have no space limitations

With Crossmaxx® Outdoor, the sky is literally the limit. You don't have to deal with low ceilings or complaining upstairs neighbors. You literally always have fresh air during the training and you can offer truly unique experiences. How about a morning session with the rising sun, or an evening session with the setting sun. In addition, with Crossmaxx® Outdoor you can offer multiple lessons simultaneously, both indoors and outdoors.

Crossmaxx® Outdoor = endless options

Our Crossmaxx Outdoor collection offers a great variety of different setups and options that make it possible to expand your current gym / box or to start a new company for outdoor functional training. Do you want to know more about Crossmaxx® Outdoor? Then contact us!

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