The best weight plates for every workout

The best weight plates for every workout

Good weight plates are the basis for anyone who wants to do strength training. Weight plates are very valuable, not only in combination with a barbell, but also separately. In our range you will find various types of plates, but which ones are the best for your training? We explain that and more in this blog.

Olympic discs, studio pump discs, bumper plates, competition plates, fractional plates, high temp plates, hollow plates - all these weight plates have their own characteristics and are therefore suitable for various forms of training and objectives. Whether you want to do strenghtraining in your (home) gym, or offer Pump classes, the right weight plates are essential. Below we discuss the different types of plates we offer and what they can be used for.

LMX73 Lifemaxx PU olympic disc 50mm (1,25 - 25kg) 
Ideal for: intense general gym use, personal training, strength training

These high-quality discs have a diameter of 50mm and spacious openings for your hands, making them multi-functional. The Lifemaxx PU Olympic discs are ideal for strength training and the perfect choice for free weight training. Each disc has a solid steel center hub that makes it easy to place and remove the discs from the barbell. They are made from a premium PU housing for long lasting durability. The PU Olympic discs are very durable and wear-resistant. The design of these discs is sleek, which gives your gym an extra nice look. The kg indication is displayed on the top, bottom and front, so that it is always clear which disc you are taking!

The PU discs are suitable for heavy gym workouts, but are not meant to be dropped. This makes the Crossmaxx (Olympic) bumper plates suitable.

LMX92 Olympic disc dia. 50mm - black - 5-grip model (1,25 - 25kg) 
Ideal for: general gym use, personal training, strength training

The Lifemaxx Olympic discs are strong rubber coated discs with a diameter of 50mm. The handles make them multi-functional and offer extra safety. These Olympic discs can be used for isolation training as well as for training with barbells. Exercises such as the bicep curl, tricep kickbacks, tricep extension and shoulder press are, for example, excellent to perform with these discs. They can take a beating, but are less resistant to the heavy work than the PU discs. These discs are also not suitable for dropping. You can use the Crossmaxx (competition) bumper plates for this.

LMX87 Crossmaxx® bumper plate 50mm - black (5 - 25kg)
Ideal for: weightlifting, crosstraining and strength training

Crossmaxx bumper plates are used by both beginners and professionals because of their safety, durability and usability. Athletes who perform strength exercises that require them to lift as fast or as much as possible, often seen in crossfit and Olympic weightlifting, prefer bumper plates because you can safely drop them after a lift. Due to the thick rubber coating, bumper plates are not only quiet when in use, which is especially beneficial in crowded gyms, but can be used anywhere in the gym. These bumper plates are made of vulcanized rubber, so there is little risk of damage to the plates, the barbell, or the floor underneath.

The Crossmaxx bumper plates are made according to the IWF standard (diameter 45cm) and are thinner than many other brands of bumper plates. This means they are easier to use and you can load more plates on the bar! Due to the high density of the rubber, this series has a low, controlled bounce, even when dropped from an overhead position.

LMX98 Crossmaxx® bumper plate 50mm - coloured (5 - 25kg) 
Ideal for: weightlifting, crosstraining and strength training

The Crossmaxx coloured bumper plates have the same features and benefits as the Crossmaxx bumper plates, with the big difference that they are colored. This makes it easy to see which plate you are taking. These colored discs also give your box/gym an optical boost ;)

LMX85C Crossmaxx® Comp. bumper plate 50mm - coloured (10 - 25kg) 
Ideal for: Weightlifting, crosstraining, strength training and competition

Something that immediately stands out about the Crossmaxx Competition bumper plates is the large metal insert in the middle. The galvanized metal core of the Crossmaxx competition plates consists of 4 parts, which are made in such a way that they cannot come loose and the bolts always remain tight.

Competition bumper plates are specially designed for snatching and clean and jerks. These bumpers are designed for use in weightlifting competitions, but are suitable for all types of strength training.

All competition plates have a series of regulations that they must comply with. One condition is that the weights must be colored by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Competition plates should also have a more precise weight accuracy of +/- 10 grams. The small cutout on the edge of the plate makes it easier to use and provides consistent contact points when loaded onto the bar. Due to the high density of the rubber, this series has a low, controlled bounce, even when dropped from an overhead position.

LMX85 Crossmaxx® Comp. bumper plate 50mm - black (5 - 25kg)
Ideal for: Weightlifting, crosstraining, strength training 

The Crossmaxx competition bumper plates black have the same characteristics as the Crossmaxx competition plates coloured, with the big difference that these plates are black. The colored text (IWF standard colours) on the discs makes it easy to recognize the weight

LMX97 Hi-Temp bumper plate (EU) 50mm - black (5 - 20kg) 
Ideal for: Crosstraining, functional fitness, hiit

Compared to the (competition) bumper plates, the Crossmaxx hi-temp plates are even more resilient and even less noisy. They are suitable for all gyms and can withstand years of use.
The stainless steel metal inner ring is incorporated in the plate in such a way that it cannot come loose.

LMX95 Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plates (coloured)
Ideal for: Strength training, crosstraining, beginners and pro's

When you are lifting around your max, steps of 2x5kg up are often too big. 95kg back squat works fine, for example, but 105kg is too heavy. With exercises such as the strict press or the snatch, even 0.5 kg can make a big difference. The Crossmaxx Elite Fractional plates have been designed for this. With a diameter of 50.4 mm, these plates are suitable for all standard Olympic barbells and help you achieve new PR's step by step.
The Fractional plates start with weights from half a kilo to 2.5 kg. Each weight has its own color, making it easy to distinguish them for faster loading or to replace them with the required weight.
The Crossmaxx Elite fractional plates have the color, size and weight that meet the Olympic Weightlifting Standard (IWF) and are therefore suitable for competitions.

LMX87.025 Crossmaxx® technique plate 2,5kg - 50mm (grey) 
Ideal for: Beginners and technique training

Plates lighter than 5kg usually have a smaller diameter than bumper plates, which affects the starting position of the lift. Crossmaxx Technique plates are the ideal plates for novice athletes who want to learn exercises such as the snatch and the clean from the correct IWF height, or athletes who want to focus purely on the technique. These plates have the same diameter as the Crossmaxx bumper plates. Because the plate has the same diameter, your technique does not change and you can easily switch between the technique plate and the bumper plates. However, these plates are not suitable for being dropped.

LMX96 Crossmaxx® Hollow Technique plate 50mm (2,5 - 5kg) 
Ideal for: Beginners and technique training

The Crossmaxx Hollow technique plates are also extremely suitable for novice athletes and athletes who want to improve their technique. They are also real eye-catchers! Being a full-size plate with a diameter of 45 centimeters, an opening diameter of 50 millimeters and a thickness of 6 or 8.5 centimeters, these plates have the same dimensions as conventional plates.

The difference? The Crossmaxx Hollow technique plates are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which means they weigh only 2.5 / 5 kg. HDPE is a very strong, yet lightweight plastic whose surface can withstand considerable stress. This makes these discs very durable. The Hollow Technique plates can be dropped, if you train on a rubber floor or a weightlifting platform.

LMX99 Crossmaxx® Calibrated plates (0.25 - 25kg)
Ideal for: Powerlifting

The LMX99 Crossmaxx® Calibrated plates (0.25 - 25 kg) are durable, high-quality cast iron plates specially designed for intensive commercial use. These plates are ideal for powerlifting and comply with the IPF standard. They are machine calibrated with high precision, with a tolerance of up to 10 grams. The calibration weights are located at the back of the plates to provide even greater accuracy.

Thanks to their slim design, these plates can handle loads of up to 700 kg on a barbell. The LMX29 Crossmaxx® Powerlifting bar is particularly well-suited for this purpose! These calibrated plates have a 50.8 mm opening (+/- 0.2 mm) for a perfect fit and secure closure on the barbell. In short, these calibrated plates are excellent for powerlifting.

LMX1134 LMX. Studio Pump discs BLACK (1,25 - 10kg) 
Ideal for: Pump, ClubJoy, Personal training and Small group training

If you're looking for group exercise discs such as Bodypump and ClubJoy Power, the LMX. Studio Pump discs are the perfect discs for you. With a diameter of 30 mm, these discs are smaller than the Olympic discs, making them very handy. Ideal for both beginners and experts who want to get fit through group lessons. The LMX. Studio Pump discs are also suitable for Personal Training, Small Group training and home training, because they are easy to store, easy to use and can be used very versatile. They are available from 1.25 to 10 kg.

The LMX. Studio Pump discs are cast iron rubber coated so that they cannot leak. The discs also have handles so that they can be used for countless exercises. The discs have a diameter of 30mm, so they can be perfectly combined with the LMX. Studio Pump bar.

Also available in a Coloured version: LMX1135 LMX. Studio Pump discs COLOUR (1,25 - 10kg)


Do you still have questions about our weight plates after reading this blog? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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