This is how you choose the right barbell collar

This is how you choose the right barbell collar

Selecting the right barbell collar is essential for any training involving barbells, whether you're focusing on strength training, HIIT, powerlifting, or weightlifting. Safety comes first, and a reliable collar ensures that weights stay securely in place during your workout. Though often underestimated, the choice of a barbell collar plays a crucial role in both the safety and effectiveness of your workouts. In this blog, we delve into the world of barbell collars - also known as barbell locks - to help you find the perfect match for your training.

30mm and 50mm Barbell collars

We distinguish two main types of collars: those for 30mm and those for 50mm barbells. The 30mm versions are generally suitable for standard bars, while the 50mm sets are designed for Olympic bars. Each has its own subtypes, designed for specific applications and training requirements.

30mm Collar sets

Spring Collar set 30mm
These spring clamps are ideal for standard bars with a 30mm diameter. They are easy to place and remove, perfect for quick swaps during your workout.

Studio Pump Collar set 30mm
The LMX.® Studio Pump collar set 30mm is specially made for the LMX.® Studio Pump bar 30mm but also suitable for all (smooth) bars with a 30mm diameter. This collar set ensures that the discs can be quickly, easily, and securely fastened and swapped with a single movement thanks to a unique slip-resistant, quick-lock mechanism. Additionally, these collars do not damage the bars! Ideal for high reps with lower weights such as during Pump classes.

50mm Collar sets

Olympic Spring Collar set
These classic spring clamps offer reliability and ease of use. They are ideal for most standard gym goers and simple home gyms. For those moving to heavier weights or engaging in dynamic disciplines such as Olympic weightlifting or CrossTraining, switching to snap lock collars is recommended.

Fast Lock Collar set
For those in need of quick weight swaps between sets, the Crossmaxx® Fast Lock Collar Set offers immediate and secure locking with just a movement (snap lock). Designed for 50mm bars, this set allows for quick and safe weight changes thanks to a unique, slip-resistant quick-lock mechanism, without damaging the Olympic barbells.
Weight: 370 grams per pair.

Heavy Duty Collar set
Designed for the most intensive workouts. These sturdy collars ensure that the weights always stay in place, even during explosive exercises. Like the Fast Lock collars, the Crossmaxx® Heavy Duty collars provide a quick and safe way to change weights without damaging the barbell.
Weight: 410 grams per pair.

Aluminum Pro Collar set
A more durable option than both the Fast Lock and Heavy Duty sets. These lightweight yet strong aluminum collars combine elegance with functionality, ideal for both home use and professional settings. The Crossmaxx® Aluminum PRO collar set makes weight changes quick and easy, without damaging the barbell.
Weight: 366 grams per set.

Calibrated Competition Collars
For those who value precision, these competition collars offer a perfect fit and stability, essential for competitive weightlifting and advanced workouts. Weighing 5 kg per pair, the Crossmaxx® Calibrated Competitions Collars provide the ultimate barbell security. Equipped with an advanced lever mechanism, they facilitate quick and easy weight changes, ideal for competitions and effective during regular training. The two-stage locking mechanism ensures the collar is first secured to the bar and then tightens against the weight plates, keeping them firmly in place.
Weight: 2.5kg each, accurately weighed to within 10 grams.

Choosing the right barbell collar for optimal results

Ultimately, the best barbell collar for you depends on your specific training requirements and personal preferences. Consider how often you change weights during your workouts, the maximum weight you lift, and whether speed or stability is more important for your training routine. For general use, spring clamps are a great choice, but if you regularly train with high weights or prefer speed and ease when changing, then the Fast Lock or Aluminum Pro Collar Sets might be better suited.

Remember, the right collar not only contributes to safety during your workout but also to your performance by allowing you to focus on what truly matters: setting a new personal record. Invest in the collar that matches your training type and level to maximize every lift.

Have questions about our collars, or our other products? Please contact us.

Our range is constantly changing, so it's possible some products mentioned in this article have since changed or are no longer available. Please let us know if you encounter such a product, and we will update the article accordingly.

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