This is the best way to maintain your equipment

This is the best way to maintain your equipment

You are the proud owner of a beautiful (home) gym, box or studio, filled with the best equipment. Equipment that is used intensively every day. How do you ensure that your equipment last the longest? In this blog we tell you the best way to maintain your fitness equipment.

A well-maintained (home) gym/box is important for efficient and safe training. It helps avoid additional costs for repair or replacement of equipment. It also extends life and improves performance. To make your equipment last as long as possible, we recommend that you take the following steps:

Provide sufficient storage options
For the proper maintenance of your equipment, it helps to use storage racks, such as a wall bracket/holder for barbells, a storage rack for medicine balls, kettlebells and accessories and a rack for dumbbells. This not only frees up space in your gym/box, but also makes it easier to clean and store everything neatly. When the materials are neatly stored, customers often put them back neatly. This way you prevent careless handling of your precious materials.

Take good care of your barbells
Magnesium, sweat and sometimes even blood - barbells often take a beating. If you want to use your barbells for as long as possible, it is therefore important to maintain them properly. In this blog and in this video we explain in detail how you can maintain your barbells!

Keep cleaning sprays away from cardio equipment
A clean and hygienic gym means happy members! Partly for this reason, many gyms stock cleaning wipes and sprays so that members are encouraged to clean the equipment after use. However, there is a small disadvantage to the cleaning spray. Members often use too much spray and this is fine for a bench or a pilates ball, for example, but this is not so beneficial for the electronic part of, for example, the Crossmaxx® Air Bike PRO, the Air Runner Pro and the Rower Pro. Therefore, place wipes instead of spray near these devices. Because gym wipes are easier than using a spray, members will clean equipment more often, resulting in a cleaner gym and happier members.

Schedule a fixed cleaning time
Schedule a fixed time when the equipment is cleaned. A cleaning checklist and schedule help ensure that your (home) gym / box stays clean and tidy. Both you and your staff can use the checklist to keep track of when the equipment were last serviced. By maintaining a regular cleaning regime, you prevent the risk of infection, illness, allergies, et cetera. These are caused by training sweat, humidity and temperature changes. Proper maintenance and proper cleaning of your equipment eliminates dust, odors and other types of contaminants that can stick to the equipment.

Check the condition of the equipment regularly
Regularly walk through the entire gym/box to make sure all equipment is in good condition. Keep a close eye out for broken parts, loose or missing bolts/nuts, frayed cables, tears or cracks in cushions, et cetera. Immediately replace anything that could pose a safety risk. Schedule maintenance for the rest. Prevention is better than cure, especially in this situation!

If you follow these steps, you will keep your (home) gym / box neat, clean and safe. Do you have specific questions about the maintenance of your equipment? Please contact us or check the videos on our YouTube channel.

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