Why you need a Bulgarian Bag

Why you need a Bulgarian Bag

As a trainer, you are always looking for the latest methods and materials to help your customers achieve their goals. This may include muscle strength, speed, explosiveness, agility, balance, mobility, weight loss, etc. Did you know that there is one tool that allows you to train all these aspects? And that tool is also available in different weights and is therefore suitable for everyone? Do you already have an idea what we are talking about? Yes, it's the Bulgarian Bag!



The Bulgarian Bag was invented by Ivan Ivanov, around 2005. Ivan Ivanov is a former Olympic athlete, who then worked at the Olympic Training Center in Marquette, Michagan. The inspiration of the Bulgarian Bag came from traditions from his native country; Bulgaria. Shepherds often carry weak lambs and goats around on their shoulders while moving the herd from A to B.


Modern interpretation of an old tradition

Ivanov based the design of his Bulgarian Bag on the body of this weak animal and saw wearing it as the shepherds did as a modern interpretation of the old tradition. Ivanov was looking for a training tool that enabled his wrestlers to make both explosive and dynamic movements. Push, spin, swing, pull, bend, rotate, throw ... all in one tool and in a safe yet effective way. The Bulgarian Bag was born!


Complete muscle control

Although the Bulgarian Bag was originally designed for the Olympic wrestlers, the tool is currently being used by fitness trainers and athletes all over the world. The Bulgarian Bag offers so many possibilities that it is suitable for everyone.

Movements with the Bulgarian Bag require full muscle control, from head to toe, which also involves the central nervous system. In addition, training with the Bulgarian Bag also requires a huge mental focus ... your train your entire body (and mind!).


Science behind the biomechanical benefits

In order to perform the movements well, knowledge is required. Trainers must understand the science behind the biomechanical benefits of the Bulgarian Bag to get everything out of it. For that reason, we also sell an instruction DVD to get started safely with the tool.


5, 8, 12 and 17 kilos!

Are you a trainer that is looking for the tool that allows the whole body to be trained (joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons)? A tool that can be used indoor, outdoor, individually, during group training, for rehabilitation and performance improvement for other applications (golf, swimming, etc.)? Then the Bulgarian Bag is indispensable in your assortment! You will find it in our webshop as a 5, 8, 12 and 17 kilo edition.


Do you have questions about the Bulgarian Bag or about our other products? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

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