Suples® Bulgarian Bag


The Suples Bulgarian Bag is the ideal multifunctional tool which is suitable for both group lessons and personal training. It is important that the correct technique is taught before attempting a heavier Suples Bulgarian Bag. That is why we offer Bulgarian Bags from 5 to 17 kilos.

Suples Bulgarian Bag is the multifunctional tool

With the Suples Bulgarian Bag a wide range of exercises is possible that offer an improvement of both strength and endurance. Suples products are designed by Ivan Ivanov (famous wrestling and strength & conditioning coach) and proudly produced in Bulgaria. Most to almost all exercises that you can perform with kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, weighted vests and bars can also be performed with the Suples Bulgarian Bag.

In addition, the Bulgarian Bag also offers exercises that cannot be done with other equipment. The athlete can move in all three planes of motion during one exercise! Do you want to know more about the Bulgarian Bag? Then read our blog or watch the DVD.