Power sleds & pull-up racks


Pull-up racks & power sleds

Sleds (power sleds) are the ideal multifunctional tool for both push and pull movements. With power sleds you can train your entire body in a safe way. You determine the weight of the power sled yourself by loading it with plates. Ideal for beginners and advanced athletes!

Pull-up racks for every gym / box

Pull-up racks offer a wide range of options. In addition to pull-ups, these are also suitable for attaching suspension trainers and rings. With the right wall installation, our pull-up racks can be loaded up to no less than 300 kg! Our pull-up racks are suitable for every gym / box. When there is no possibility to mount the rack on the wall, we also offer other options such as the squat stand with pull up rack and complete XL rigs.

For more information about our pull-ups racks & power sleds you can always contact us without obligation.