LMX1070 LMX.® Hip thrust machine

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The LMX1070 LMX.® Hip thrust machine is developed due to the increasing trend to train the glutes. The LMX.® Hip thrust machine effectively trains the glutes and improves hip and core stability. In addition to these advantages, the LMX1070 LMX.® Hip thrust machine offers a safe way of training the glutes. This makes the LMX.® Hip thrust machine perfect for any gym or studio!

- colour: matte black
- length: 180cm
- width: 171cm
- height: 89cm
- length plate loading pins per side: 39.5cm
- load 280kg on weight plates or plates
- suitable for 50mm discs and plates
- including storage for discs/plates
- load without adding weights is 20kg

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