The 2019 fitness trends

The 2019 fitness trends

We have already arrived at the end of January, time to review the ten fitness trends for 2019. What are the latest developments in the world of fitness and what will 2019 bring us? Read all about it in this blog!

1. Fitness as an improvement for the quality of life

Fitness is no longer 'just training' and 'just for the looks'. Fitness is more and more about the total package: improving physical and mental health, which can also be applied in everyday life. More mobility, the prevention of physical complaints and not being exhausted after climbing a staircase becomes more and more the reason why people start with fitness.

2. Group training

Group training and the associated community feeling will continue to play a major role in 2019. This happens both online and offline. Through smartphones and smartwatches we stay in touch with each other and we can motivate and inspire each other. Group training is interesting for those looking for a competition element, as well as for those who want to add a social aspect.

3. Personal Training

Besides group training, there is also a rising line of popularity in the field of Personal Training. Personal Training is no longer just for the elite, but has become more accessible over the years for a larger target group. This trend will develop further in 2019, the demand for Personal Trainers continues to rise. Many enthusiasts want personal guidance in order to get the best out of themselves, or to prevent injuries, for example.

4. HIIT: High intensity interval training

HIIT has been on the list for a few years and in 2019 HIIT remains extremely popular. The results are unmistakable, and especially for working professionals who do not have much time, there is no better way to get a complete training in than with a number of intense circuits. In addition, these training sessions can be performed wherever you want: in the gym, outdoors and even in the living room! Discover our wide range of functional fitness materials to start with your HIIT lessons or trainings!

5. Corporate fitness

Health is no longer just for the benefit of the individual. More and more companies are encouraging their staff to stay healthy and fit by offering corporate fitness. Many companies start a partnership with gyms and personal trainers because they recognize the benefits it brings to the work floor. After all, healthy staff contributes for a large part to a healthy company. Some companies even take the next step and install a complete gym in the office building. This allows one to perform a training session before, after or even during work.

6. Work out at home

Rain, cold, little time, not wanting to workout in public: you are not alone! Working at home through streaming workouts is going to grow enormously in 2019. Through Youtube channels of gyms, or apps that allow you to perform your favorite workout at home. Comfortable from your own living room. To practice at home you do not have to buy a complete gym. With resistance bands, a kettlebell, a dumbbell set and a jump rope you can do a lot of movements.

7. Smartphones or smartwatches?

It is said that the use and exchange of data from smarthphones, smartwatches and fitness trackers will become even more important in 2019. Fitness trackers collect valuable information regarding the health of the user. In the future these data will play a role for a safe and effective training. For example, if you are sick, training is generally not a good idea. An early warning on your wrist to report that can be very valuable.

8. Zen...

In addition to the physical aspect, the mental aspect of fitness is becoming increasingly important. People are getting busier and through social media we are 'stand-by' for many more hours than before. For that reason, the demand for mental peace is growing alongside. Through lessons such as yoga and meditation, but also through learning how the brain reacts to certain exercises, in 2019 we will increasingly address the mental aspect.

9. Interconnectivity

It is not just wearables and apps that are interconnected; training equipment itself is becoming increasingly smart. One machine knows which difficulty level the user can best use at the current fitness level and sends this data to the next, which uses intelligent software to set itself immediately. The advantage for users: it is not only that individual manufacturers connect their training equipment, but in the time of the smart home the products from one manufacturer are compatible with those of every other manufacturer. This ensures that your training can be performed even more effectively!

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