GHD: Versatile, but often misunderstood

GHD: Versatile, but often misunderstood

The Crossmaxx GHD is one of the most versatile, but also one of the most misunderstood devices in the fitness world. It is often thought that the GHD can only be used for extreme sit-ups, but this is certainly not the case. In this blog we explain exactly what the function of the GHD is and how you can use the GHD.

The GHD is very important for properly exercising the most important parts of the body, including the glutes, hamstrings, calves, back, quads, hip flexors and abs. Several studies recently published in, among others, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise magazine have shown that increasing the strength of the glutes and hamstrings causes one to run faster, jump higher, lift heavier and increase the risk of ACL- injuries. Thus, the development of these muscles is not only essential for improving athletic performance, but it also reduces the risk of injury. An example of this are weak glutes that cause an imbalance in the hip. This can lead to excessive rotation of the femur (thigh bone), which in turn causes knee pain. Another example is that weakened glutes contribute to pulled muscles in the hamstring or groin.

The three GHD exercises below are ideal for strengthening the posterior chain.

Glute Hamstring Raise
The Glute Hamstring Raise targets the back and glutes through the hip extension. It is important that you keep your back straight during the entire movement. The knee flexion engages the hamstrings and calves. The Glute Hamstring Raise is a great accessory exercise for posterior chain development, as it allows for greater work volume without additional stress on the spine.

GHD Hip Extension
The GHD Hip Extension is ideal for athletes with little experience. It is the most beginner-friendly movement you can do on the GHD. The primary muscle group that is at work are the glutes, but also the hamstrings, calves and lower back are addressed. Make sure that you do not lose the neutral spine with the GHD Hip Extension.

GHD Back Extension
At first glance, the Back Extension and the Hip Extension look the same, but they are very different. With the Hip Extension, the hip moves dynamically while you hold a static torso. With the Back Extension you work on the torso while keeping the hip static. It takes a lot of body awareness to be able to control the spine little by little. This movement will then help you become more aware of what a non-neutral back feels like, so you know how this can be improved.

Do you not have room for a GHD, but do you want to do a similar training? Then the Crossmaxx Glute Ham Roller is the option for you! With your feet or your hands you can perform hamstring curls, glute raises, glute bridges, standing lunges, abdominal roll-outs and many more exercises!

Do you want to know more about the GHD or the GHR? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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