Discover our wide range of fitness balls
Discover our wide range of fitness balls

Discover our wide range of fitness balls

Looking for fitness balls? We have a wide range of options available! To help you choose the right fitness ball for your training, we would like to explain the purpose of each ball. Saves you time to figure that out yourself ;)

Fitness balls for all kinds of training

Lifemaxx® Gymball
Want to add a new dimension to your training in the form of instability? Then the gymball is a good choice. A gymball is sort of like a bouncing ball, but without handles and is used for all kinds of training. You can use it, for example, for push ups, planking exercises and rehabilitation exercises. Many users find it comfortable to lie on their back on the ball (belly button towards the ceiling) for stretching and relaxing the spine.

When you train with the gymball the muscles of your core have to work hard in order to balance the ball. Exercises with the gymball improve your balance, coordination, flexibility and core stability. 

The gymball is available in three sizes: 55, 65 and 75 cm. Looking for a perfect all-round training aid that can be used for example in group classes, Functional Training, Personal Training, rehabilitation and physiotherapy? Then choose the LMX.® Gymball PRO!

LMX.® Slam ball
Where most balls are not suitable to slam on the floor, the slam balls is! This ball is asking a bit to be abused. The slam ball has a weight core surrounded by a thick layer of durable rubber. Because of the rubber casing, the slam ball is suitable for intensive use and explosive exercises. You can slam it on the ground with all your strength, but you can also use it for wall balls or weighted stand ups.

While using a slam ball you don’t have to worry that your floor or your feet get damaged because they are heavy but soft. So do not worry too much about dropping it on your toes ;)

In our shop you can find slam balls from 6 up to 20kg, but also slam balls of 35, 50 and 70 kg with a diameter of 35 centimeters. They are also suitable to use as Atlas stones without having to be afraid of damaging your floor.

Wall ball
Don't let the term 'wall balls' fool you, these fitness balls are capable of more exercises than just the infamous wall ball. Think of sit ups, medicine ball squat cleans, running with the ball on your shoulder and deadlifts to enhance your fitness. The wall ball is not designed for slamming or throwing hard against the wall.

A wall ball is a training ball that is ideal to bring your functional training to the next level. Because the balls are available in many different weights, anyone can train with them. The wall ball is ideal for fitness, HIIT, to build strength and is even used during rehabilitation.

We have three wall ball options available:
Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball (2 to 12kg)
LMX.® Wallball premium (4 to 12kg)
Crossmaxx® RBBR wall ball (4 to 12kg)

LMX.® Medicine ball
The medicine ball is designed to strengthen the muscles and especially the core. With a medicine ball you make strength exercises and cardio exercises more challenging. Think of the russian twist, the hip bridge, rolling push up and roll-up. The medicine ball is provided with a fine structure, which gives you more grip than, for example, a ball wall.

The medicine ball is not suitable to bounce or slam.

LMX.® Double handle medicine ball
Are you looking for a heavier ball with an even better grip than the medicine ball? Then the double handle medicine ball is the one for you. The two handles provide optimum grip so this ball is suitable for explosive movements and movements where you use one or two hands.

The double handle medicine ball is especially suitable for:

  • Strengthening your core
  • The improvement of rotational movements
  • An increase in explosiveness
  • Can be used to train the whole body
  • Brings functional fitness to the next level

LMX.® Pilates ball
The biggest difference between a pilates ball and gymball is the size. The pilates ball has a diameter of 20 or 25 centimeters, while the gymball has a diameter of 55, 65 or 75 centimeters.

Because of the convenient size, the pilates ball can be easily used as a support between the knees, elbows, arms, legs, hands or feet.

Crossmaxx® Lacrosse ball - The lacrosse ball is the perfect training aid for self-massaging trigger points and aching muscles.

Do you have any questions about our fitness balls or any other topic? We're here to help.

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